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no equipment, just a mat!


Covid Guidance & Exercise Safety


What I Do

Virtual "Live-Streamed" classes, local in-person classes & monthly pre-recorded classes... all you need is a mat!



raise your heart rate, groove your move & sculpt your body!

This truly is the fun version of aerobics! You will be led, for 45mins, by the rhythm of music beats from around the world, elevating your heart rate & your mood. Described as "Cardio vascular exercise that improves brain function too", try it & you will believe it!

Suitable for most abilities & enjoyed by all

STRONG nation

high intensity interval training synced to the music

30min of high intensity, conditioning, cardio & plyometric moves that will push your limits to the max and fast track you to fitness. This is HIIT with a difference, it's synced to the music, and will leave your entire body fired up, so you are ready to tackle anything.

A great way to start any day!

For participants who want the next level

Tone & Form

use your own body weight to become leaner, balanced & supple

Strength & stretch exercises that improve muscle definition, joint mobility and increase the reaction time of your proprioceptors (body sensors that cause you to shift weight in order to balance).

A workout that requires just a mat, will enhance your overall physical performance, and helps prevent soft-tissue injuries.


Price Guide

join a class by clicking any 'Join Now' or 'Get Started' button

£40 unlimited per month

  • Access to all Livestream classes and local Live Group classes*

  • Welcome email with full instructions to start immediately

  • Unlimited class participation for an entire month

  • No pre-booking for any Livestream class

  • Local Live classes *require booking

  • FREE pre-recorded classes

All the options you need to keep fit for health, at times that suit you!

£5 pay-per-class

  • Access to all Livestream classes and local Live Group classes*

  • Welcome email with full instructions to start immediately

  • Pre-pay 5x classes for £25 with no expiry date!

  • No pre-booking for any Livestream class

  • Local Live classes* require booking

I will see you in class on screen or at a Live class and will let you know via email when you near the end of your 5 class-pass!


Join up

To participate in a class and check if this is for you, simply email me by clicking on any 'Get Started' 'Join Now' or 'book now' button dotted around this website!

Livestream classes require you to have a good internet connection and have already downloaded the zoom app on your device.  The only equipment you need is just a mat! 

You will receive class invites, via email, every evening before the next day's classes. By participating in any class you will be agreeing to the Ts&Cs set out in your initial welcome email. You only pay for the classes you actually attend - there is no charge for receiving class invites.

Keep scrolling down to check out our price guide

Simply hop on to as many or few classes as you choose!




Psst... if you would rather meet in person, we have a couple of local Real Live classes* too!

*Real Live classes may require booking


About Me

I can't live without fitness. I truly believe being strong & fit is the key to mentally coping and living a healthy, fulfilling, happy lifestyle. 

My journey as a Fitness Instructor began in 1999, after the birth of my daughter, Liberty (who recently became a qualified Zumba Instructor herself) and I've been teaching a variety of classes ever since - alongside my day job!

While designing my current programme of classes, I took into consideration that during lockdown most people have been getting out more to walk, jog or cycle. Therefore it was important for me to include exercise types such as upper-body strength training, joint mobility and muscle flexibility to cover the physical elements of being fit for health, improve performance and reduce injury risk.

My timetable is a mix of online livestream, real live classes, and pre-recorded classes that drop straight into your inbox - all designed for your ease and convenience - no excuses!

I look forward to meeting you on screen or in person


We chose to meet in person, but have created the best '2nd Best' with our virtual fitness community...
"I have loved every minute of it and needed every minute of it ... thank you Sarah xx"

Lesley Cameron